Global LNG Liquefaction Markets - Capacity Growth, Market Analysis and Competitive Landscape to 2015

Global LNG Industry Demand is Expected To Revive By 2013

Online PR News – 01-November-2010 – – The global natural gas demand is expected to regain momentum after 2012. The increase in natural gas demand will revitalize the LNG industry, which is currently struggling with over supply and low prices. However, the concerns remain. The LNG demand in North America is dependent on the success of the shale gas plays in the region. The spurt in domestic production will reduce the region’s dependence on LNG imports.

The demand for LNG in Europe is expected to resurge by 2013. In addition to ramping up its LNG infrastructure, the region also has some important pipelines in the planned phase. The new pipelines may lead to reduced LNG usage since piped gas can be acquired more cheaply (usually natural gas imported by pipelines is cheaper than LNG purchased in spot markets). The major portion of the expected growth in LNG demand is expected to come from the Asia-Pacific region. With Japan, Taiwan and South Korea depending heavily on LNG to meet their domestic natural gas demands, the growing demand in China and India will make the LNG market in the region quite lucrative.

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While the short to medium term outlook for the global LNG industry is uninspiring, the long-term picture remains bright. With the industry majors betting on natural gas as the fuel of the future (oil and gas majors have invested huge capital in entering the unconventional gas industry globally), the long term growth prospects for LNG remain promising.

The global economic crisis led to a significant drop in natural gas demand globally. The world natural gas demand dropped drastically in 2009. The excess production and low demand have forced the natural gas prices to remain low.

The low natural gas demand has translated into lower LNG demand globally. Major LNG consumers like Japan and South Korea witnessed a huge drop in LNG demand in 2009, driven mainly by the slump in the industrial sector. The natural gas demand in Japan and Europe also fell in 2009 by 10% and 7% respectively. In Asia-Pacific, though demand in India and China continued to grow, the drop in demand from Japan, Korea and Taiwan created a major slump in the overall LNG demand in the region.

Global LNG Liquefaction Markets - Capacity Growth, Market Analysis and Competitive Landscape to 2015”, is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, offering extensive information on the Global LNG liquefaction markets in the world. This study provides a detailed analysis of the global LNG liquefaction markets with a focus on the key trends, drivers and challenges to the growth until 2015. The research examines capacity forecasts, the supply of natural gas, the LNG trade movements and prices in the existing liquefaction markets, key contracts defining the future trade and market structure of the LNG industry in each country to 2015.

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