New electric mopeds from have launched an exciting new eco-friendly electric mopeds/ scooters. Cheap to run, eco-friendly travel

Online PR News – 03-November-2010 – – have launched an exciting new eco-friendly electric mopeds/ scooters. Cheap to run, eco-friendly travel

Changing the way you think about travel

Electric Scooters produce No CO2 Emissions
Electric mopeds produce no C02 emissions so road tax is free. Eco-friendly and eco-nomical.
Plugin, Charge & Go
Recharging your eco-wizz electric moped is very simple. Plug into a your normal plug socket and hit "on". That's it!
These eco bikes are 100% Road Legal
Eco-wizz Electric Mopeds are 100% road legal. They are legally classified as either 50cc mopeds.
Save Money
Your road tax is free on electric vehicles such as this, you can travel 5 miles for 1p and there are no engine parts to go wrong.
Low Maintenance
With no moving engine parts there is very little to go wrong, no need for oil changes, etc.
There are 2 models to choose from and in 4 fantastic colours. The e-wizz is available in silver and orange. It has a powerful 1500w electric motor giving it a top speed of 48-50km/h. Twin headlights. According to the e-ped is their most popular electric moped. It is available in red and black. It also has the powerful 1500w electric motor for a top speed of 48-50km/h.
Here are 10 great reasons why youíll love your eco-wizz electric moped.
1. Really cheap to run
2. Zero carbon emissions
3. Great handling and ample power
4. A faster commute to work
5. Easy to park
6. Safe and Easy to ride
7. low maintainance
8. No congestion charge to pay in London
9. No road tax to pay
10. Brilliant fun!

About is offering exciting new transport solutions through their cheap to run electric mopeds and scooters. whether itís for your commute to work, or to drive into the town centre and not pay for parking, these electric scooters are a fantastic step forward for the environment.

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