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Live stream local tourist attractions. Viewers can search the nearest hotels in your area and book them directly on your stream. Earn affiliate commissions.

Online PR News – 30-October-2016 – Miami,Fl – Yipp-e! is an innovative new way to share a person's travel adventures with other people. It's a smartphone app that lets users live-stream their travel destinations to others. Available to iOS and Android device owners, the Yipp-e! app is unique in that it allows users to make money too! Find out how. There are two types of users of the Yipp-e! app: streamers and viewers.

Streamers can enjoy earning a passive income simply by live-streaming their travel destinations.

It doesn't matter where in the world this is, or the type of landmark or attraction streamed. If a viewer wants to visit the same location as the streamer, it's an opportunity to make a passive income. When viewers look at live streams, the app lets them search for accommodation near to those areas. Embedded into the video feed are hotel comparison links, helping viewers find good deals.

If the person viewing the feed makes a booking through those links, the streamer makes some money. That's because they get to earn an affiliate commission on each successful sale. More details of how the affiliate income works are available to read at People live streaming destinations don't need to do anything special to make money. All they need is a compatible smartphone and an active Internet connection. The latter can be a mobile 3G or 4G connection, or it could be over Wi-fi.

The web is full of live webcams of famous attractions, some aren't free to view. And others may not be reliable or online at any given moment. The beauty of Yipp-e! is that streamers can broadcast live footage of attractions right at the heart of them. They don't need to perch their smartphones on a window ledge in a distant building.They can get up close and personal with their mobile phones! Travelers viewing prospective destinations can enjoy seeing them at any time. For example, someone in the U.S. could see a fireworks display on New Year's Day of Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. Or the 'changing of the guard' at Buckingham Palace in London, England.

It's often a laborious task trying to seek out good deals on hotel accommodation online. And it's even harder when using a device with a small screen like a smartphone. Thankfully, the Yipp-e! app makes it easy to find and compare the best deals.

A hotel comparison search facility is built into the app. That means there is no need to go and do separate web searches in a browser window. Visit us and don't miss out!

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