A Killer iPhone App for Holiday Shopping: PriceTrace.com & LetScan Team up to release "LetShop"

PriceTrace.com, a comparison shopping site which provides price comparison, price history chart, and price drop alert, partners up with LetScan LLC and releases the feature rich iPhone shopping app, "LetShop".

Online PR News – 12-November-2010 – – PriceTrace.com, a comparison shopping site which provides price comparison, price history chart, and price drop alert, announces the release of the iPhone application “LetShop”. The iPhone application was built based on “LetScan”, a fast growing barcode scanning iPhone application from LetScan LLC.

“We believe that the advanced scanning technology from LetScan is a great complement to PriceTrace’s expertise in deal shopping.” Diana Meller, the Chief Marketing Director of PriceTrace.com comments, “Together we aim to build up the most useful iPhone shopping app that’s out there in the market."

The first release of “LetShop” supports product price comparison among hundreds of stores by either scanning the product barcode, or search by a keyword. Prices from trust-worthy stores like Amazon.com, Walmart, Bestbuy, and NewEgg.com are instantly presented to the shoppers. Users can also look into the product price history chart to understand how good the current price is. If the current price seems to be high, they can also subscribe a price drop alert by specifying their desired price level, and “LetShop” will send an iPhone push notification to the user when condition is met.

The application is also hosting its exclusive “Deals” section which shows the daily selected deals from http://www.PriceTrace.com. For each of these hot deals, its big price drop in the price history chart justifies itself.

“The biggest difference you will see is the consumer experience.” Diana Meller says. “All the way from the fast & accurate barcode scanning, ease-of-use of the keyword search, selection of the trust-worthy stores, to the convenient Amazon.com and eBay search, the unique deal selection, and the new features we are constantly putting up such as the special ‘Black Friday’ section, this is all about how to easily find a deal. It will not be another iPhone shopping app that’s just interesting to try but soon will be forgotten, this one will teach and show consumers how to become a real deal shopping expert”.

For more information, please view LetShop.php" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.letscan.com/letshop.php and http://www.pricetrace.com

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