World's Smallest Personal Keychain GPS Tracker Ultra Portable

Outdoor Activities are popular among all ages all over the world. If wen to a strange place, it is easy to get lost. Therefore, carrying a GPS tracker is safe and necessary.

Online PR News – 21-November-2010 – – Outdoor Activities are popular among all ages all over the world, such as self-driving trip, hiking, hiking, camping, jogging, mountain climbing and risking, etc. If wen to a strange place, it is easy to get lost. Therefore, carrying a GPS tracker is safe and necessary. Great GPS tracker will help people enjoy a wonderful and exciting experience.

As a professional electronic China wholesale, always concern the needs of customers. To meet this needs of outdoor activities, launches a wide selection of GPS devices. In this article, recommend customers one perfect world's smallest personal GPS tracker.

This ultra potable GPS tracker is the world's smallest personal GPS guider, more surprisingly, this powerful GPS receiver comes in the size of a keychain. It is easy and light to carry anytime.

Althouth designed into keychain style, this Mini GPS tracker can display geographic coordinates, velocity & altitude, digital clock, and features a distance and mileage recording function!

What makes this Mini GPS receiver special? Unlike other GPS receivers, this GPS receiver comes with a DOT matrix display. This means people can actually see what they are doing, such as when selecting a feature or activating a function. Most GPS receivers rely on the user to memorize a sequence of commands in order to operate their GPS location finder, (boring). Actually having a screen and seeing what exactly doing, makes all the difference in the world.

This is a perfect conbination of GPS receiver + location finder supporting quick reacquisition of satellites.
This GPS personal tracker can also store up to 16 POI (Points of Interest). Most GPS units can only handle a few, and they donít even come in a compact form factor such as the GPS receiver and location finder. Perfect uses for this GPS receiver and location finder include mountain climbing, hiking, bike riding, camping...the list goes on. Whether go out and about or going on a holiday, this GPS receiver can show people how fast traveling and at what altitude, as well as display exact geographical coordinates in real time. Besides, it is accurate within 10 meters. People will never get lost again.

This is a GPS location finder that will never cease to amaze, it can support record travel speed and time; therefore, it can even record their journey and later check to see how fast theyve been traveling as well as the total distance traveled. Together with low power consumption, this cheap GPS tracker is really a perfect partner of outdoor activities.

The potential market of worldwide GPS navigation systems is very enormous. To keep pace with the needs of customers, has always continuously updated the categories of GPS products, especially the Portable GPS navigation, GPS Tracker and Car GPS to provide the latest products for customers. believes that in the next few years, it can achieve an excellence success in the Cheap GPS consumer electronics filed.

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