Active Debt Announces New Event for Clients

Active Debt is an online company that offered debt solutions for clients such as debt consolidation and debt settlement. The company also provides client with debt management techniques free charge.

Online PR News – 21-November-2010 – – Delray Beach, Florida óNovember, 2010 - Active Debt is an online company that offered debt solutions for clients such as debt consolidation and debt settlement. The company also provides client with debt management techniques free charge. The company is also announcing the new event of providing clients with their services without any upfront fees.

Clients using Active Debt will find this new event to be very appealing. The company states that clients who are having trouble managing their money and are unable to meet monthly payments often donít have the out-of-pocket costs needed to begin a debt consolidation or debt settlement account with debt management specialists such as Active Debt. The company has never required that clients pay their fees upfront and now announces that the FTC prohibits the charging of clients before settlement has begun.

Active Debt waits until the client has actually reached a successful settlement with lenders before beginning to collect free. This process can take up to four months or longer, during which time Active Debt suggests that clients take advantage of the new event to save their money to ensure their settlement can be paid off quickly. Active Debt also provides assistance to clients through phone or email anytime. The advisors can provide answers to questions anytime, and may also be able to provide debt management tips to clients who call in.

Active Debt does advocate for consumer education concerning debt. As part of the new event, Active Debt is able to provide all consumers with some basic education on their debt. For instance, the website has information on the debt settlement process, your responsibilities as a client, and the types of debt that can be included in debt solutions offered by the company. Clients and anyone who is interested can read through the educational materials offered by Active Debt anytime, free of charge. Paying clients also have access to their personal debt advisor at any time they have questions about their account.

As part of their new event, Active Debt also provides their services for a portion of the savings that are passed onto clients. Each client only pays 25% of the amount that is saved on their debt after debt settlement has been successfully completed. Consumers who want to save the most money can use this policy to ensure they are saving the maximum amount possible on their debts. Clients may work with the company for up to five years to pay off debt that has been consolidated.

For clients who are using debt settlement, debt can be completely paid off within one year of beginning to work with Active Debt. This company ensures that clients are able to save money by consolidating several different types of debts, including medical bills and past car repossessions. The new event that allows clients to begin making payments on their account through Active Credit also ensures that clients simplify the process of making payments on multiple loans. By consolidating debt, clients are able to pay all of their debts in one convenient payment each month.

You can find more information on Active Credit and their services online at The company also provides email and phone contact information for clients and customers interested in their services. Consumers interested in debt management, debt consolidation or debt settlement can send emails to Active Debt at or they can call (866) 720-7483 anytime for more information on the services offered with the new event. Consumers can also visit the website and fill out the short form for more information on the services provided by Active Debt. The company will reply by telephone.

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