Myanmar has launched the new platform for boxing

The Burmese training camps are brutal but they also produce dedicated students that are excellent at what they do.

Online PR News – 06-January-2017 – Myanmar – New York, 4 January 2017 - When talking about Bare-knuckle training then itís important to mention that such training is dangerous. Many dojos around the United States of America avoid such training because it can truly harm the kids that are practicing everyday. It is true that such boxing can make the opponents tougher and the the children more sturdy but ultimately it can bring to such injury that cannot be easily fixed. Making the choice between the techniques and brutality is what matters in such cases.

There is no difference for such on the streets of Myanmar. The kids there donít have any alternatives simply because there is no other dojos and they also donít have any tools at their disposal as well. Burma isnít the most popular of the spaces in Asia and therefore the local populace is fairly poor. This does not allow them to stock up on gear for martial arts or getting a proper dojo as well. These kids have been training outside all of their lives and the local climate is a true blessing in cases like these.

Burmese Lethwei does all that it can to impress and the prowess of the warriors is impressive as well. For a Westerner that is exploring the lands of the far east - seeing a small kid that can fight like a grown up is surely impressive. Raising these kids as warriors from a young age pays off in the end. Myanmar Traditional Boxing has been constructed in such a way that it is surely available to all that want to try it but then again these people have to be dedicated and open minded that it might consume a lot of time and also a lot of effort.

There is an amazing documentary on Youtube to check out on the topic of Bare-knuckle boxing. It shows the kids training on the open grounds of the local dojo with a strict instructor policing them. Whipping the kids with a stick is on the order of the day there. The Burmese training camps are brutal but they also produce dedicated students that are excellent at what they do. Real talent can be found anywhere and fostering it to the point of success is truly not an easy job.

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