ART Healthcare Offers Recombine’s CarrierMap Screening Test for Healthy Child

ART Healthcare has been offering you complete support in determining the risk factors of more than 300 genetic diseases and genetic disorders

Online PR News – 21-January-2017 – New Delhi, Delhi, India – ART Healthcare has been offering you complete support in determining the risk factors of more than 300 genetic diseases and genetic disorders. Recombine’s CarrierMap Screening – the amazing genetic mapping and screening is the way to have a healthy child.

January 14, 2017: – a well-established and reliable center to help you in having a healthy child, has come up with new and advanced check-up and medical testing solutions by the name of Recombine’s CarrierMap screening test – the amazing genetic screening and genetic mapping to determine the risk of possible genetic disorders and stop them passing in the next generation. ART Healthcare has carved a special niche within a very short time frame for bringing you the new hopes and a way to fulfill your desire.

According to doctors, each person has two copies of the genetic materials – only copy innate from each parent; while children receive one copy of each gene from each parent. However, there are also some people carrying changes in a gene that can mean chances of having a child with a genetic condition. They also tell that in variety of genetic diseases, some are recessive that means – caused by inheriting a mutation at the same DNA location from both parents. In case, a parent carries a mutation in one of the two copies of the DNA, parent is a carrier of genetic diseases.

CarrierMapScreeningtest is the best way for them to help in determining the risk of genetic diseases and genetic disorders and stop them passing the same mutation to the child. This test is ideal for those who are planning a pregnancy, early in pregnancy, receiving fertility treatment and interested in your carrier status.

Recombine’s CarrierMap screening test is a revolutionized, highly accurate and specific screening of genetic carrier. You have to schedule an appointment for blood sample to start the process of genetic screening or Carriermap screening test.

About the Center: ART Healthcare is a well-established and leading name in the industry offering you genetic testing, genetic mapping and Carriermap screening tests that help you to have a healthy baby.

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