Army Officer’s Journal Receives Pulitzer Prize Nomination

In his book, Clark brings out the everyday antics of the military; “…if the road seems smooth, you’ve probably made a wrong turn.

Online PR News – 24-November-2010 – – Tampa, Florida, November 18, 2010 – Staff Monkeys, A Stockbroker’s Journey Through the Global War on Terror written by Lt. Colonel Peter Clark and published by Patriot Media, Inc., Niceville, Florida, has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in the Letters category. Staff Monkeys is a chronological journal about Colonel Clark’s various and unusual assignments during his deployment to East Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, from April, 2005 through September 2009. Peter has a unique ability to not only see the lighter side of the military, but can describe it in a way that enlightens as well as entertains.

In his book, Clark brings out the everyday antics of the military; “…if the road seems smooth, you’ve probably made a wrong turn. Anyone who has served in the military understands that there is a right way, a wrong way and the “Army Way” to do things; and it’s not always the most logical process.” Peter hasn’t had much time to celebrate his Pulitzer nomination; as he received word of the nomination, he was packing his bags for another short trip back to the Middle East.

“I’m thrilled that anybody would think what I wrote was worthy of any sort of nomination” said Peter after his recent return to the USA, “I just wrote to let my friends know what I was up to. It started out just as a way to reduce the stress and stay in touch. Everybody needs do have some sort of a diversion while they are forward. I happen to be able to see a little humor in most circumstances, so I write about it.”

As far as future projects go, Colonel Clark plans on continuing to write down his thoughts as long as the army continues to deploy him. “I’d also like to help other people get their stories out” says Peter, “there are a lot of real good stories that are going to be lost unless we take some time and write them down.”

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