Extended Portable Garage from Calloway, for Larger Vehicles

Calloway now offers extended garages for larger vehicles or extra storage or workshop space.

Online PR News – 24-November-2010 – – Alpharetta, GA ( onlineprnews ) November 24, 2010 - Extended House Style Garage - when a non-extended House Style Garage is not enough!

Calloway Portable Shelters offers two kinds of basic single-car garage, which are enough for a regular-sized vehicle. But what if you need a little bit of additional space, to store a motorcycle, for example?

The Extended House-Style Garage from Calloway offers instant shelter ( http://callowayportableshelters.com ) options for not only your car, but also additional small vehicles like motorcycles and bicycles, equipment, tools and materials, and can also function as a workshop area. The 4 feet of extra length can be a life-saver if you have a larger vehicle, or an appendage to a vehicle, that won't easily fit into an ordinary garage for example, it's perfect for winter truck storage ( http://callowayportableshelters.com/exthouse.php ) if you have snowplow or salting attachments. Similarly, the extended garage is right for you if you own vintage vehicles that have too much panache to fit in a regular 20-foot garage; classic car covers ( http://callowayportableshelters.com ) are also available for further protection of your valuable investment.

Like all Calloway shelters, the Extended House-Style Garage is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability the frame is heavy-duty galvanized steel, and the covering is weatherproof, rip-stop fabric with UV protection. The shelters are guaranteed for 2 years, but it will be far longer till you have any problem with them.

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