Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – New York, NY 11221 November 25, 2010 - New Book by Gotham Dating Partners Inc. is hoping that people will be interested in what they have to say, more importantly, what they have to say on Facebook. The New Book, Titled Facelift, is a collection of almost Five hundred inspirational Wall post from facebook.

Aaron Fraser, C.E.O. of Gotham Dating Partners Inc, the parent company of the Niche market dating website Gothamdatingpartners.com, came up with the Idea after discovering he had a cult following on Facebook to read his inspirational Wall post." It was a no brainer for me, says, Fraser, I knew that there was a demand for my writings so packaging it in a way that it could be sold was the next obvious stage of progression." Facebook has afforded businesses to create markets where there was none before.

For a limited time only, members of anyone of the following websites will be given a free copy upon request. Americanidoldating.com, Gothamdatingpartners.com, wealthypeopledate.com, multimillionairedate.com, and Foxnewsdating.com. Those who wish to purchase a copy can do so by going to Lulu.com and looking up the title Facelift by Aaron Fraser. Gotham Dating Partners Inc. will be developing a brand for the facelift series that will come in 500 Wall post Volumes.

Free copies will only be made available for a limited time only and it will only be available on Lulu.com for thirty days. Hard copies will hit stores on Christmas morning.


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Gotham Dating partners Inc. is an online Social Networking Dating Company.

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