Vintage Scrabble Collectibles Website Refreshes Page and Adds New and Old Board Game Versions

The Vintage Scrabble Collectibles website refreshes its site and adds both new variations and older classic ones, too.

Online PR News – 01-December-2010 – – Waterford, MI, USA - The Vintage Scrabble Collectibles website refreshes its site and adds both new variations and older classic ones, too. To visit their newly updated site, visit

The updated site has all sorts of Scrabble collectors’ items. It has a heavy duty deluxe version, which is perfect to use as a showpiece. It has a New York Yankees Scrabble, a 1950’s version, a crossword dominoes game, and even magnets. It is a perfect place for the Scrabble board game fanatic or collector, or it is a perfect landing place for someone looking to buy that unique gift for someone.

Scrabble was originally called Lexico. Alfred Mosher Butts invented the game. Butts was an unemployed architect from Poughkeepsie, in 1948. The game was dismissed by every manufacturer Butts presented the prototype. Finally, Butts met James Brunot, a game loving entrepreneur, and the game was given its first chance to be successful.

With some friends, Butts and Brunot rented an abandoned school house in Connecticut and began producing the game in small quantities, stamping the wood tiles by hand.

In 1952, Macy's ordered a run to distribute to their stores. Then two men licensed Selchow & Righter, a Long Island based game producer, to be able make production meet the suddenly growing demand.

In 1986 Selchow & Righter was sold to Coleco, maker of the famous Cabbage Patch Dolls. Just 3 years later Coleco went out of business and the rights passed into the capable hands of Hasbro, parent company of America's leading board game manufacturer Milton Bradley, giving us the vintage Scrabble that we know today.

Hasbro has long been a worldwide leader as a provider of some of the nation’s and world’s best games. Even though they make a ton of games, including Parker Brothers Monopoly, Scrabble seems to produce its most rabid fan base, as there are worldwide tournaments crowning proud champions.

In America alone, one in three households already owns a Scrabble board game. is a great online source for whichever version you want to start your collection or for any other Vintage Scrabble paraphernalia.

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