IXYS UK Westcode Launches New 2.2Kv, 5370A Fast Thyristor

IXYS UK Westcode announces itís highest yet current rated fast thyristor

Online PR News – 31-May-2017 – Burgess Hill/West Sussex – IXYS UK Westcode have this week announced the launch of their new 5370A Distributed Gate Thyristor. The new symmetrical blocking device has a peak blocking voltage of 2.2kV and a continuous DC rating of 1.3kV.

IXYS UKís new device is itís highest yet current rated fast thyristor and it also believed to be the highest on the market today. The new fast thyristor has an RMS current rating of over 10kA at 25įC and surge rating of more than 75kA, it is suitable for application with power ratings up to 10MW and more.

The high current handling capability offers the opportunity to replace two smaller converters operated in parallel to achieve power ratings not previously attainable with lower power ratings of available devices which significantly reduce component count and system size, as well as cost.

With a turn-off time of as little as 50 microsecond, the device is suitable for applications with frequencies up to 1kHz. The new 2.2kV device is encapsulated in a fully hermetic 26mm thick package with an 85mm electrode diameter and overall diameter of 124mm, smaller than the older design with 100mm electrode and total diameter of 144mm.

The silicon die is directly bonded to a metallic disc, the new 96mm die device is constructed using a new improved process when compared to IXYS earlier high current fast thyristor designs.

This structure offers both improved transient thermal conditions and overall greater robustness, when compared to designs with free floating silicon. The thermal capacity of the metal disc and its direct fusion to the silicon enhances performance and presents excellent transient thermal and surge current ratings. The new package design, while retaining an industry standard footprint, allows for the maximum silicon to package ratio and represents up to a 35% increase in current rating over older designs in the larger package outline.

The full symmetrical blocking device is available in two different switching classes at two standard voltage grades, part number designations are as follows: 1800 volt parts are R5370EA18J with tq 50 microsecond and R5370EA18K with tq 60 microsecond; 2200 volt parts are R5370EA22J with tq 50 microsecond and R5370EA22K with tq 60 microsecond.

Typical applications for this device includes: induction power supplies for melting and billet heating up to multiple megawatts; as well as resonant power supplies and pulse switches for applications including high power magnets and lasers.

GD Rectifiers are one of IXYS UK Westcodeís largest UK Distributors, they stock their complete product range from Diodes, IGBTs and Thyristors to Heatsinks, Capacitors and Power Assemblies.

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