Yampu Tours Announces a New ‘Give Back to Peru’ Program

Yampu Tours is always looking for ways to give back to the communities they explore with their clients so today they announced a new program they are calling, ‘Give Back to Peru.’

Online PR News – 21-December-2010 – – Giving back to communities with expert guides and an unrivaled
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15 December, 2010 (Stowe, Vermont) Yampu Tours is always looking for ways to give back to the communities they explore with their clients so today they announced a new program they are calling, ‘Give Back to Peru.’
The forward thinking travel experts hire only local guides and personalities who are as committed to their community as they are to the quality of the client experience. “Give Back to Peru” will be offered to each client who books one of Yampu’s adventure tours in the Sacred Valley. Each client, if they have the time on their trip, can go to a small village of Cachiccata and plant a tree, or they can elect to have a tree planted for them.
Clients who book a tour with lunch will be taken to a small charming local village restaurant, which is run by the local Cachiccatac community. The program is designed specifically to help keep working capital in the region. The resources that the community earns from these tours are used for many projects; the clean up of the Vilcanota River, environmental education, residential job training, and re-forestation and further protection of the Qeunua relict forest.
Many of the native trees like Quiswar and Chachacomo have been cut down so one of the goals of the program is to help reforest the area with these species of trees. If the client wants to stay longer in the village they have the opportunity to work on an organic garden and immerse themselves in various educational programs. Clients who wish to stay even longer in the community can volunteer to stay at a local hotel or camp in the village which is located below the quarry that the Incas used to build Ollantaytambo, with the magnificent Glacier Victoria in the back ground.
Volunteer opportunities will be different for each client depending on the needs of the community and the time, budget, and skills of the client. For example, if the client wants to work in a school, Yampu Tours would approach the school for the client to find out what their immediate need is and what would make a real difference for them at the time. If the client wants to help build homes because they have that type of experience, Yampu will arrange all the logistics for the client.
When Yampu clients visit the Amazon, they can arrange for visits to local communities and, in some instances, local schools. Yampu contacts friends in the local communities to get their advice on what supplies might help a local family that a client could bring from home.
“Things we take for granted like pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, or erasers can be a treasure for a child from an Amazon village,“ says Monica Irauzqui, co-founder of Yampu Tours. “I remember seeing a group of kids happily playing with a bicycle with only one tire. The village is a two-week walk from the nearest town so a new tire is not something they can just run out and get. Imagine being the visitor who supplies that other tire to the village children!”
In conjunction with this community project, Yampu is able to offer new treks to High Andean Villages, shopping sprees in local markets for food and culinary tours, hiking through local areas of Cuzco, and Inca Pottery and Textile workshops. Yampu’s is spearheading a mission to offer clients the chance to take an active part in the culture of Peru and give back to local people. If you have ever lamented that the prospect of truly life-enriching travel is all but dead—you have the soul of a romantic, and the spirit of an adventurer. Yampu travel consultants are experienced in matching your spiritual side. If nothing bores you more than off-the-shelf travel packages put together by number crunchers that usually results in a standardized experience, then Yampu Tours was made for you. Join Yampu to explore Latin America in thrilling new ways.
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