Florida Police K9 Unit Chooses Love My Pets GPS Dog Tracking System

The Love My Pets GPS Dog collars have been chosen again from the many brand names available to protect the Broward County Police Department Special Forces K9 Unit. With the dog tracking GPS fitted dog collars officers have the complete assurance that their K9 partners in the field are safe and can be found quickly. A complete selection of pet safety products are available at http://www.lovemypetsgps.com now.

Online PR News – 23-December-2010 – – Mary Ann McNutt is pleased to announce that the Broward County Police Department in Florida has chosen Love My Pets GPS LLC as a partner to add an extra level of protection to it's K9 units. The Department had tested several GPS Dog tracking systems and found that the Love My Pets GPS is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices, is extremely durable and has the highest tracing ability available on the market today.

"These dogs are an invaluable part of the Police Force and are very expensive and highly trained. The ability to track our K9 team members at night, even within homes, is absolutely critical to assuring their safety when they are on duty."

These GPS dog tracking system devices can track your dogs location every five seconds so that you can continuously monitor the current location of you pet(s). Love My Pets GPS can also be applied to invisible fences so that you will be alerted via an SMS text if your pet leaves its designated area.

the prospect of losing a beloved pet can create even greater trauma and stress. Our goal is to give pet owners the ability to find their pet quickly and keep the family together.

The highly sensitive GPS dog tracking system collars can track the location and position of a pet that is in dense cover, under a bridge, in a tunnel, or in a home. It will track your dog day or night with continuous monitoring so that you can find your pet easily in any weather or location.

When interviewed recently, Ms. McNutt, PR and Marketing for Love My Pets GPS, stated, "There are many areas in the Southern United States where the reliability and usefulness of the Love My Pets GPS Dog dog tracking system is an invaluable asset. The potential loss of property is bad enough, but the prospect of losing a beloved pet can create even greater trauma and stress. Our goal is to give pet owners the ability to find their pet quickly and keep the family together."

Ms. McNutt also stated in her recent interview that, "Many pet owners are misled to believe that a Dog Microchip will locate their pet. It wont. Microchips can identify your pet when the pet is found and brought to a vet. Our GPS Pet Tracker can locate and identify your pet almost instantly. Our goal is to make sure that an owner is able to locate their pet as soon as it is lost. We understand that the experience of losing a pet is traumatic for both the owner and the pet and we want help owners avoid any period of uncertainty when their pet goes missing."

The entire line of Love My Pets GPS Safety Products are made from the highest quality materials that are available on the market. The reflective and glow-in-the-dark dog collar is made with a special fluorescent material that is bonded to polyester. It requires no charging or batteries at all to glow for 12 hours or more! The products are the perfect accessory for service dogs that assist the elderly, blind, or physically challenged, for stay at home pets, and for Special Forces K9s' that work in rescue, police or military organizations.

The www.lovemypetsgps.com website offers an online shop that provides for all of your pet tracking and safety requirements. With the Love My Pets GPS Dog Collar starting at only $129.95, it is the most effective and affordable Pet GPS tracking device available. Our Reflective and Glow-in-the-dark dog collars or harnesses and the unique one of a kind pet safety products have a starting price of only $12.95. These are incredibly low prices to increase the level of protection your are giving your beloved pet.

For more information on the great product line available to start protecting your pet immediately, visit http://www.lovemypetsgps.com today!

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