DCG Marketing Belfast completes fifth year

DCG Marketing Belfast completes its fifth year and is all set to move on to the sixth year of its operations.

Online PR News – 29-December-2010 – – DCG Marketing Belfast completes its fifth year and is all set to move on to the sixth year of its operations.

Founded in 2005 in Belfast by Dave Glass, DCG Marketing has now grown into one of Belfast’s Premier Sales and Marketing Companies and reaches out to people in other parts of Ireland too. It's basically an Outsourcing Sales Solutions Company and is contracted to represent a variety of companies that do not have their own sales/marketing teams or find that it is much more economical to outsource the work than to set up a sales team for a short term period. Some of the largest National and International Companies that span across a variety of industries including, telecommunications, financial services, humanitarian organisations as well as pay TV and security for the clientèle of the company, which provides these clients with dedicated, trained and professional teams to represent them and their brands. The company works with mass marketing acquisition programs, which is done by acquiring a new customer base through selling and marketing the client’s products/services directly on their behalf. Moreover, using Field Marketing, face-to-face presentations are coordinated with each potential customer, a unique methodology that's known as “Human Commercial.

Dave Glass, who is originally from Glasgow, had studied hotel management and went on to become a Michelin star chef. After 12 years, he moved to London to learn sales and marketing. It was in 2005, after running several tests in Northern Ireland that he set up his company, DCG Marketing, in Belfast. At present his business brings in a turn over of above £1,000,000. His company had set expansion as the goal for 2010. DCG Marketing Belfast did expand and now, for 2011, it's further expansion, all across the length and breadth of Ireland, that's seen as the agenda.

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