DTE Group Introduces New Product Lines, Widens Their Product Range

In line with their efforts to provide complete, timely and industry leading solutions, DTE Group has introduced three new product lines: Adblue, IBC Liquitote and Filtration system.

Online PR News – 03-January-2011 – – To further reinforce growth strategy and support DTE Groupís total turnkey solution approach, the company has diversified its product range with the three new product lines to cater to customersí requirements and needs.


A legislation in the European Union was introduced back in 2006 in regards to the provision for new commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes to mandatory use a elective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) in order to reduce the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. The SCR systems require a water-based urea solution called Adblue to be able to convert NOx into harmless nitrogen and water. Because of this legislation, new trucks and buses from Europe now feature an Adblue tank as well as a fuel tank. In January 2008, the European standard ADR 80/01 (Euro IV) was introduced by the Australian Government.

DTE Group is now able to provide and cater for Adblue demands which can be tailored to fit various installation and application. DTE Group can help provide the solution to container integrated dispensing systems ranging from 5,000 litres to 10,000 litres.

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) Ė Liquitote

DTE Group has collaborated with Industrial Packaging Systems Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of innovators Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc USA, to supply Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

As an efficient alternative to traditional containers, the Liquitote was introduced over 50 years ago and is still the leading metal IBC in todayís market. Being the pioneers of Liquitote, Hoover Solutions USA has been providing their services since 1911. The products are the superior choice for storage and transportation in the food, chemical and petrochemical market as they are the leading innovators of the product. DTE Group is happy to be able to supply the product that is a definite sound investment and is value for money as it is reusable, easy to clean, durable and follows worldwide compliance.

Liquitotes are predominantly used to store and transport liquid materials. The majority of Hooverís stainless steel tanks are used as chemical storage tanks, but other applications include storage of lubricants, adhesives and sealants, storage or transportation of hazardous liquids, storage of wine or other beverages and storage of viscous food products like honey.


Itís difficult to tell visually whether or not fuel is healthy and can meet ASTM D975 standards. Only severely contaminated fuel is visually evident. Several areas of concern when fuel isnít pure include unreliable quality of fuel due to reduced refinery quality control; fouled injectors leak causing more exhaust emissions; high yearly maintenance costs; periodic fuel tank cleaning; rapid abrasive wear; product replacement and repairs and organic contamination.

DTE Group is now able to provide a filtration program to combat contamination by introducing the fuel cleaning maintenance and monitoring system which is UL listed. The system consists of magnetic fuel conditioner, day tank pre-cleaner/separator, tank breather and spill containment kit that meet EPA requirements.

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