Inspiration From Her LONELY ROAD: Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician-Producer, Sonya Kahn Releases New Music Video

The Lonely Road is a song about the cerebral, emotional and spiritual journey traveled by the
human soul when desiring to be understood on all levels in the creative life process. Lonely Road is written, composed, arranged, performed and produced by Sonya Kahn and is on her album, NEW BEGINNING.

Online PR News – 23-April-2009 – – Los Angeles, CA – When you’re an Indie artist, you walk the lonely road. When you’re Vocalist-Songwriter-Musician-Producer, Sonya Kahn you become inspired by your emotions and write a song about it! LONELY ROAD is the new full production performance music video single from her album, NEW BEGINNING. “Some days we feel lonely, completely on our own and one of those moments inspired me to write LONELY ROAD. It’s when you realize everything that happens affects the future: your chosen path, responsibilities you take, mistakes you make and when you go through the journey of your life - you are on your own,” explains Kahn. As an Indie artist she’s proving although it may be lonely, she handles her own road exceptionally well. This do-it-all original music maven is not just a classically-trained concert pianist /singer, she plays guitar and is also a writer/composer/arranger, producer, dancer and costume designer with her own line of merchandise. She holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts Degree in concert piano performing and musical theory, records on her own Indie label, Mozarta Muzik, and could give any American Idol a run for their money when it comes to talent, artistry and heart. Kahn’s new LONELY ROAD music video can be seen at

The LONELY ROAD video is directed by Pablo Francis, crewed by The Musician’s Institute, and produced by Alan Calzatti. Calzatti has shot over 250 music videos for artists like N’Sync, Phil Collins, David Foster, and won an MTV Viewer’s Choice Award with The Back Street Boys’ 'Get Down.' Her glamorous look is by Hollywood’s Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist, Myke Michaels whose credits include 'Seven Pounds' starring Will Smith and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, starring Harrison Ford. The video features Konstantin Golovin (cello), Ani Fishyan and Azat Fishyan, on violins from the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra and Tulare Symphony Orchestra and violinist Sarkis Bukujian.

“I think LONELY ROAD will resonate with everyone because we all have felt lonely, have had our hearts broken and have many questions about life. But we continue through many trials and tribulations alone, relying on ourselves,” states Kahn. Kahn may feel she’s on a lonely road, but she’s on it, with over 865,000 views on She took the time to see that others may be on a lonely road during this tough economic time and offered her first break-out music video rock single SABRE DANCE as a Free Download at her official website, to all her fans and friends on Myspace.

Playing piano since the age of three, performing, touring and songwriting since she was six years old, Kahn is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve or share her real life emotions in her songs. From the piano accompaniment to the swelling strings broadening LONELY ROAD’s majestic motion-picture soundtrack feel, this isn’t the first time emotions have inspired Kahn to pen songs of this magnitude. DON’T GO AWAY from NEW BEGINNING had such a soundtrack feel, it was put in the movie, 'The Thirst.' Kahn also wrote a single separate from her album, called WHISPERING SOULS to address stopping genocide. She also just released the unplugged acoustic video, FRIEND.

“I feel lonelier when I am not as busy and have more time to think, analyze my past, present and the future,” states Kahn. Kahn is busy in-studio recording and is releasing more videos over the next six weeks. If there’s even any time to analyze her life she will see that the LONELY ROAD won’t be so lonely anymore. LONELY ROAD and Sonya Kahn’s NEW BEGINNING CD are available at, and

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