Gurin Announces Portable Wireless Dehumidifier

Gurin has recently announced its portable wireless dehumidifier, Gurin DHMD-110 which is easy to use, apt for area upto 500 cubic feet area

Online PR News – 17-August-2017 – Tustin – Gurin has recently announced its portable wireless dehumidifier, Gurin DHMD-110 which is easy to use, apt for area upto 500 cubic feet area, no batteries are required, works on renewable silica gel and is absolutely safe.
Humidity has never been pleasing and when the percentage of relative humidity extends beyond 45%, it becomes quite uncomfortable to perform even routine chores. In USA there are many regions having high percentage of humidity such as Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington, Raleigh, Huston, Charlotte and many others. To relieve the humidity of environment many people use Dehumidifier, a device that absorbs excess humidity from air and brings a lot of ease for the people living there. Dehumidifier are available in different sizes and apt size proportionally related to the area of the room. The device prevents mould, mildew and fungus to grow protecting the user from various skin and respiratory related diseases.
Gurin has been a reliable brand in last several years for production of health and utility instruments. Recently the brand have brought forth Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Dehumidifier with some really amazing features listed below:-
Easy To Use: The device very small, lite and easy to use. Simply put it in the requisite place and then turn it on and it could effectively work for 6 to 8 weeks and then if the pink indicator turns on its time then it's time to charge the device till the blue indicator turns on.
Works Effectively In 500 Cubic Feet Area: It's a compact device sender is perfect for enclosed places like, wardrobe, kitchen cupboard or small storeroom with 500 cubic feet area. It protects valuables such as clothes, jewellery, accessories, etc from decaying due to excess of humidity.
No Batteries Required: The device works on renewable silica gel, initially the device requires to be charged for upto 15 hours or till the time when blue indicator turns on and then the device is ready to use.
Silent: It's highly advanced device and unlike other dehumidifiers Gurin DHMD-110 is silent device.
Safe: The device does not spill or create any sort of mess and is non toxic making it absolutely safe.
It's a sophisticated device with great utility protecting your health and valuables from dirt, fungus, mildew and other microorganisms. To know more about Gurin DHMD-110 log on to Amazon & Walmart.

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