BioBidet Releases Aura A7 Special Edition in Select Sam's Club Locations

Bio Bidet is excited to announce their Aura A7 Special Edition is in STOCK at select Sam's Club locations through the US.

Online PR News – 25-August-2017 – Crystal Lake, IL – Bio Bidet is very excited to announce an exclusive model for Samís Club! Our Aura A7 Special Edition is a beefed up version of our classic A7 Aura that will leave you feeling cleaner and happier while simultaneously leaving MORE in your wallet.

The Aura A7 Special Edition is going to have all the same features as the original. Sleek design, warm water spray, heated seat, user presets, elegant LED side panel, cool blue LED night light and stainless steel two-in-one premium nozzle.

With a press of a button youíll still get your posterior or feminine washes; oscillating or massage sprays as well.
What makes the Special Edition different from the original? Weíve added a warm air drier making your bathroom experience even MORE hands free.

Oh, did we mention itís also only $199?

Thatís right, weíve provided MORE features at a LESSER price! But only available through our Samís Club exclusive.

Which Sam's Club locations can you find the Aura A7 Special Edition?
These will be available IN STOCK at the following cities:
Fayetteville, NC
Raleigh, NC
N. Charleston, SC
Gulfport, MS
Huntsville, AL
Bentonville, AR
Alburquerque, NM
Mcallen, TX
Pearland, TX
Sanford, FL

This bidet is everything that your family needs and deserves now made better.

Head over to these Sam's Club locations and get the deal of a lifetime!

Contact Information
Alan Koeppen
BBC Innovation
7900 S IL RT 31
Crystal Lake IL, 60014