Gurin Products Just Launched At $13 Face And Body Cleansing Brush

Gurin Face and Body Cleansing System is waterproof & cordless and has got four different attachments sufficing this single device.

Online PR News – 03-November-2017 – Tustin – Gurin Face and Body Cleansing System is waterproof & cordless and has got four different attachments sufficing this single device for your complete skin care regime for just $13.

We all wish to have clean and healthy skin, requiring dedicated time and efforts to achieve the desired results. It is quite difficult to take out time from the busy schedule and maintain several steps of skin care routine as one generously needs to take out time and do different sorts of massages by themselves and frequently taking help of professionals burdens a lot on your pocket. Observing this fact many brands have come up with complete body cleansing systems which are quite effective and lite on your pocket. Gurin Face And Body Cleansing Brush system has been recently launched and in very less time it has become one of the most preferred devices by many beauty clinics of USA. Gurin is one of the established brand in the USA known for its standard devices giving smooth functionality and it's products have always got a positive response from users. Now the brand has come up with Face And Body Cleansing Brush at a price of just $13, bringing the high efficacy device in everyone's budget. The device comes with four attachments making it ideal for the whole body. The description of its four attachments are as follows:-

Facial Sponge: This attachment contains a sponge, that's quite soft & gentle on face and is suitable for all skin types. It useful for deep absorption of your beauty cream or serum on your skin resulting in much better results than you get from your massage with your hands.
Small Facial Brush: It's a soft brush designed for facial skin, cleansing effectively yet gently, clean and clear skin.
Big Body Brush: It's the biggest brush in attachments designed to use all over the body and deeply cleaning all the dirt and impurities.
Pumice Stone: This attachment helps to exfoliate your skin, cleansing the dead cell and making your skin look healthy and radiant.

The device is waterproof and cordless hence you can facilely use it while bathing and compact size make it travel-friendly too, so that you need not skip your skincare regime.

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