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press release reportWhen creating our press release report, we were adamant about providing you with real information and not hype.

While some other press release distribution sites measure "headline views" and other stats in really creative ways, we wanted to bring you real information that you could measure, but to take your marketing campaigns even further.

Before creating our press release report, we asked businesses, SEOs and marketing firms which information was most important for them.

They wanted links to WHERE the press release was published. They wanted to know how many backlinks the press release generated. They wanted to understand the value of the keywords they chose to use in their press release campaigns. And they wanted to see who was talking about their topic in real time so that they could engage in the conversations. We took that information and designed our report around those metrics.

Press release syndication reportFull Page Reprints (Syndications)

While some press release distribution sites offer only headline syndication, Online PR Media offers FULL PAGE reprints as well as headline syndications. A full page reprint means that your entire press release is syndicated -- with the anchor text in tact -- to a numerous news sites.

This section of the interactive press release report presents you with links to a sampling of places where your press release was published in full on the web. Many of the full page reprints are listed in the report -- but your press release will actually be reprinted even more times that you see here!

To how many places will my press release be syndicated?

The number of syndications that your press release receives is mainly dependent on which distribution option you choose.

The $79 Search Engine Visibility Press release is guaranteed to be printed in full on 40 sites (including Online PR Media) while the $389 Maximum Media Visibility press release is guaranteed to be printed in full on at least 150 sites (often 230). The number of syndication also slightly varies by the general topic of the release.

The best way to get a general idea of the scope of distribution is to look at some actual press release reports.

View a live Multimedia Press Release Report

View a live Maximum Media Visibility Press Release Report

Social BuzzSocial Buzz

Monitoring conversations within your industry on social networks allows you to connect with influencers, journalists and potential clients when they are in the right mindset to receive your message.

This section of the interactive press release report shows you how much "chatter" exists on Twitter for each of your keywords relative to each other. Just as understanding the volume of keyword searches in important for search engine optimization, so is understanding the level of buzz about your keywords in social circles.

You'll also see ACTUAL real-time conversations that people are having on Twitter about your keywords. This presents you with an opportunity to jump in and converse at the moment people are asking questions or engaging in dialogue about your topic. You may also learn some things about your competitors!

Because these reports are always in REAL-TIME, you can continue coming back to them again and again to monitor the social pulse of your topic.

Wow!!! Am I ever impressed. For some reason I decided to search my name and then realized that my social media release is everywhere! Wow! Thx so much. Totally impressed. Even one of the fashion websites picked up my story. Wicked!
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